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 “One of the most amazing things about TARTARUS is that it’s actually text-based like old school adventure games.” – Alexander Paschall

PC Gamer UK Magazine October Issue

“Code your way out of danger in this sci-fi adventure.”

-Andy Kelly


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 “Looking down at my sheet of scratch paper, it was one of the most satisfying victories I’ve had in a puzzle game in a long time” – Ian Birnbaum


 “There’s a distinctive warm glow to the screenshots and pre-release footage that already taps into the retrofuturism of Ridley Scott.” -Jeremy Peel


Tartarus is an action/adventure game from first person perspective combined with text input and developed using Unreal Engine 4 by ABYSS GAMEWORKS.


In the year of 2230, Mining and Research vessel Tartarus (MRS TARTARUS 220478) activates the security protocol near Neptune without any sign. The only chance for crew to survive is to reach the Bridge and restart all systems one by one before the ship crashes into Neptune. We are playing as Cooper(miner of the ship) who has no education or training about electronics or pilotage; to overcome this, vessels engineer – Andrews- is helping us as much as he can. Though it’s not as easy as it sounds…


TARTARUS is a FPP (First Person Perspective) game with Action elements, set in terrifyingly dark sci-fi universe. In TARTARUS, you will play as Cooper. You are trying to hack the ship’s systems via using “Terminals”. Hacking the ship is the real challenge. You have to use specific Terminal commands, which are very realistic, to make it work. Sometimes you have to search “Items” to get information which you need, to solve problems. TARTARUS has retro style elements like iconic sci-fi movies.



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