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Your Guide to Betting on CS: GO

Counter-Strike Global Offensive or CS: GO is a top game that players from around the world can’t seem to be getting enough of. The different features and vibrant format of gambling have always been crucial in capturing the minds of players. Thanks to all that, the game has further ventured across boundaries to set things right and get it all going. As a result, betting on CS: GO is turning out to be popular, and we are here to tell you all about it. Hence, go ahead and read your guide on betting on CSGO.

The Process

The numbers and various other figures floating around the screen might lead you into a different train of thought since confusing times are all ahead. But you need not be confused with the process because learning more about it is relatively easy. The first thing that you need to learn on this front are the odds and how they represent the likelihood of a particular outcome. Since two teams are not equal, you need to understand the advantage that one has over the other by looking into the odds. So focus on the decimal odds and understand how the rivalry is bound to take shape. To make matters all the more impressive, one needs to remember the formula, Bet × Odds = Payout. In this manner, you can start making changes and bringing about a strategy that matters the most. Betting

Understand Skins

Skins are certain upgrades that can be equipped in-game and thus end up acting as trophies for top players. Due to that, you can use it to bet in games and convert the same into cash. These digital goods are an essential part of the game, and everyone likes to decode the value of it. As a result, people are in the process of earning more of it, and you can do so by watching CS: GO matches or by using a twitch account. While this process can be carried based on whatever works for you, one must also look into the process to understand the better one between cash and skins. So explore these options and then choose one that counts.

Research and Understanding

A proper form of research is needed to understand the teams and develop an imaginary outcome. Based on the same, you can go ahead to place bets and explore the different options that you have in mind. But always remember to look into facts and odds since they matter the most. While you are bound to make mistakes, you will eventually learn to deal with the same. So consider these options and look into the format that counts the most.

Some Profitable Bowl Betting Tips

College football bowl is filled with all kinds of expectations as players lock horns to win the cup that matters the most. Since betting has also entered the space, you cannot rightfully classify things to be over when they are bound to get started. But unlike other aspects of gambling, betting cannot be opened without acknowledging the tips that bring the game together. So to help you make the most of the process, here are a few bowl betting tips.

The Need for Data

Placing bets on a random basis is bound to lead you in the wrong direction because it is a method employed by individuals who do not have data. Yes, that’s right, without accurate data and a proper understanding of the game, you cannot go ahead to place bets, and doing so will be a bad move. So to avoid the same, you should be patient and explore the many opportunities that are put forward. You need to use these opportunities and understand the game in a unique manner.


The Odds

Sportsbooks displaying odds has been a significant move that bettors tend to look into the moment it has been released. As these odds are closely associated with teams and their performance, you need to consider the same before placing anything on the table. Understanding these numbers and the impact that it stands to create are essential aspects that tend to go a long way. So one cannot disregard these odds by classifying them to be invalid. Instead, you need to gain a lot from it.

The Public Perception

Tracking down the market and decoding line movements has been an exciting move to get things going. While it may always lead to people standing with favourites, there are times when things head in a different direction. Due to all that, you need to sit back and look into these results as they try to project an image of what might happen. Since we require an accurate understanding of the game before stepping forward to place bets, it is vital that you learn things from such methods.

The Importance of Consistency

The Importance of Consistency

Unpredictable situations are bound to occur here and there, but consistency grabs headlines for the bigger part of the picture. As a result, looking for consistency in teams and, moreover, on the players will give you an idea of how the game might end up. Since consistency has always been an essential aspect in the gaming format, one needs to ensure that they are well on schedule to tap into the results of the same. So look for consistency and performance.

Understanding these tips and going forward to place bets cautiously are two aspects that will hit you with results.

Video Games

Easy Tips to Make Money by Betting On Video Games

Video game betting has helped players enter a new market where platforms allow you to place bets on the best games. From Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to League of Legends, there are a lot of options when it comes to betting. But if you are not aware of how to get started, things might not head in the right direction. So to help you make it count, we have come forward with a few tips to make money by betting on video games.

Explore the Game

Explore the Game

One of the biggest and the most straightforward tips that anyone can give you on this front is the need to explore the game. Just like how one explores casino games before playing them, you need to explore the video game before placing money on the same. You should understand the different features, gaming options, and various other aspects that drive the game forward. In this manner, you will be well equipped to place bets and take things on a path that matters the most.

Bankroll Management

When it comes to betting, nobody steps into the process without forming a budget or following the right form of bankroll management. From casino gambling to sports betting, bankroll management plays a huge role, and we all need to understand the impact of the same. So be a good kid and look into your financial statement to discover an amount that can be spent on sports betting. Since finances are essential and you cannot go about spending them as you feel like, it is good to let bankroll management play the lead.

Observe and Learn

Observing the process before going ahead to gamble is a simple technique that many tend to follow. While you may not get a lot of opportunities to do so, you need to make the most of it whenever you get an opportunity. By observing, you can understand more about the process and how players tend to carry it forward. But in case you cannot observe and learn, then go ahead and ask questions to players who are experienced in the format. In this manner, you are bound to have something to start with.


Practice sessions are always worth it as they help you get a grip on things in a unique manner. Unlike observing, practicing brings forward the practical aspect of the process and allows players to learn. Due to that, you need to implement moves that matter and take charge when the time is right. Since it all comes down to benefits, you should not even think about skipping any of these moves. Hence, consider them and go ahead to have a good time by betting on video games.

Bet On

Best Video Games to Bet On

Gambling has managed to enter numerous platforms where people can place bets on the expectations that they have in mind. As a result, video game betting has turned into a phenomenon, and everyone seems to be making the most of the same. But there are people who have no clue about the process and yet want to try their hand at it. Since there are several games on the market, you might take time choosing the best from the lot. So to help you out on this matter, here are the best video games to bet on.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike Global Offensive

Counter-Strike does not require an introduction because it has always made it a point to surprise fans and let the world know about how big a deal it is. The different features and other credible options that it boosts takes things to a whole different level, and keeping yourself updated with the many versions that it launches has turned into a trend. Moreover, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is also a popular game in eSports, and thus betting had to come sooner or later.

League of Legends

League of Legends might not withstand a comparison with Counter-Strike, but it surely comes second. The successful game has always been a part of the gaming industry by attracting players from around the world. As a result, gambling platforms promote betting on the same, and you can carry it forward by heading over to the platform that counts. Be it Karamba or Bet365; there are a number of platforms that promote the idea of video game betting. So go ahead and find the right one.

Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege

Multiple seasons and gaming features that keep you hooked to the screen is the perfect description for Rainbow Six Siege. As a popular game, it has managed to shape the platform and help people get access to a range of features and options. Due to all that, betting was not far behind, and top platforms like Betway promote the same. So you will not have to go all around with the hope of finding a platform since famous games have already been locked and loaded.


With a few changes, Overwatch managed to change things at eSports, and everyone loves what they see. The different stages and other exciting factors have taken this game forward and into the betting arena, as players can’t seem to be getting enough of it. Thanks to that, anyone can place bets on Overwatch by opting to do the same on platforms like Bet365. So explore the game, look into the betting formalities, and go ahead to place bets on the best games on the market.


Best Ways To Bet On Csgo

Counter Strike Global Offensive, better known by its catchy acronym CSGO, is one of the most popular  online multiplayer first person shooter games ever. It is, therefore, not a surprise that it is one of the most bet on games as well. However, this raises another important question: is it legal?

To answer that question, a lot of things need to be taken into consideration. First of all, it must be noted that Counter Strike Global Offensive is classified under ‘E-Sports’ and not a lot of countries have brought regulations regarding this issue. This brings up the second way of looking at this issue: classifying it under sports. If the country’s government has not passed any legislation regarding e-sports, the next thing that has to be looked up is the country’s rules against betting. If a country is against betting money in general (like the UAE, Qatar, Iran, Lebanon, Japan, China etc.) then it is probably going to be the same for e-sports. But most countries haven’t even brought restrictions to online gambling, so it will be quite some time before legal action is taken against someone betting on CSGO.

Some things that bettors need to keep in mind while betting are given below.

Research The Team

Research The Team

This is undoubtedly the first thing the bettor has to do before betting on a team. The bettor should have done background checks on each player. Bettors will have to check the team’s consistency, how each individual fairs on each map, their head to head as well as tournament performances, and most importantly their win percentage.

Watch Games

To assess a team, reading up a team or collecting data can only get a bettor so far. Most of the people who bet on e-sports are generally match fanatics or players themselves. Just like you cannot tell how a footballer fairs under pressure or how well a basketball player plays defense by looking at long statistical analysis tables, you need to invest in the team’s games, understand their strengths, weaknesses, how well they play alongside one another, how well their teamwork pays off, etc. All of these factor in while betting.

Making Your Own Odds

Making Your Own Odds

One of the ways you can improve your betting skills is by making your own odds. After doing sufficient research on both teams, you can create a betting line of your own parallel to the actual line. The advantage of this method is that with experience, you can find small inefficiencies and bet on your expected outcomes against the betting public. This would mean betting for the underdog when the bet is leaning the other way. There are several other ways to risk it, but this is one of the best ways to win big by wagering little. Winning a bet on the underdog is a significant achievement all on itself.

Game Betting

In Game Betting: Covering The Basics

In game betting, also known as live betting, is a relatively new form of betting that arose with the advent of the internet. Before the internet, there was no in-game betting. All betting was closed down before the game had started. However, over time, brick and mortar casinos started introducing half time bets which gained quite a good crowd support, and it eventually turned out to be what it is today. There are in-game betting sites where you can bet after each play. So from this itself you can understand the potential in-game betting has to earn money. But believe it or not, it gets better.

How In-Game Betting is Advantageous To The Bettor

In-game betting provides bettors an edge over the book keepers in a very peculiar way. To explain that, the method these book keepers use their books needs to be understood. When book makers introduce their opening lines, they have a very big advantage on their side: time. Before the match, the book makers do their homework, consult experts, run algorithms and come up with a pretty good line. This becomes a disadvantage to the bettor, because a good line normally means that there are extremely few bad lines that the player can take advantage of. However, take away that time and the bookmaker is virtually handicapped. They will have to depend mostly on their algorithms and experience. This means that the margin of error is much greater, and hence more bad lines for the bettor to take advantage of. In-game betting does exactly that: it leaves the bookmaker with virtually no time to come up with a new line.

The Interface

The Interface

One of the most understated necessities for an in-game bet is the interface of the website you are betting on. It may not seem like much, but it makes a big difference; so much of a difference that it can cost you money. Some websites have a very good betting interface that they have been working on for years, while some have an interface that looks like college students played around with ‘Hello World’ level code until it turned into a website. Now the main problem is that with in-game bets, the charts are always changing. The charts change so fast that it is very difficult to keep up with those changes if you need to keep reloading the page very often. A good in-game betting interface helps the bettor by seamlessly updating the lines without reloading the page. It may also give notifications every time the line changes. An additional thing to look out for is the speed of the interface. The lines are going to change in real time, but if the interface is slow it means that it will not update fast enough and will cost you money. So in short, do your research, get the best websites available because the bet may actually favour you if you pay enough attention.


Profitable Bowl Game Betting Strategies

A bowl game is a term used to describe a post season college football game, usually playing under the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s (NCAA) Football division. It is one of the most popular football games viewed in North America, and has a pretty good stronghold on the minds of people in North America and Canada.

Betting on bowl games is almost the same as betting on other football games, albeit with minor changes. There are a few subtle changes that will be explained in detail below.

Assessing The Teams

Assessing The Teams

Well, this is arguably Rule 0 of betting on anything. Bowl games are usually played by newcomers and relatively new athletes. This gives the public a little less certainty about the players they are betting on. But there is a way to make bets confidently in bowl games: the coach. The coach is what the public looks for to bet on teams in a bowl game. An experienced, well informed coach can do with a group of impressionable young budding talents what a professional UEFA coach can do: win games. So keep an eye out for the talents and the man behind them to help get an idea about the team.

Betting The Underdog

Since bowl games are essentially college level games, the bettors and general public are going to bet in a biased way. They are not going to bet on the probable outcome, they are going to bet on what they think will be the probable outcome. Bowl games are one of those football games that people don’t actually care for the statistics and research and bet on favourites. This is exactly where a person who has done their homework well can excel: especially when betting on the underdog. The underdog is most crucial when it comes to betting because the underdog decides the line, not the favourite. Depending on the underdog’s performance, you can win a lot more money by betting less on the underdog than if you bet more money on the favourite.

The Consistency Of The Teams

Consistency is the biggest factor in betting on a team. They could have the best players in the tournament, the best coach but if they aren’t consistent in their wins they aren’t a good bet. It is simply how it is. So how do you get over this issue? The most obvious solution: previous data. Draw up the team’s history, learn how they fare individually, and against each team. If they are good against one team, place a bet on them, and if it’s the opposite, bet on the other team. The idea here is not to show support to your favourite team, but to make money; so you hav to do what you have to do to get your bankroll going.

Video Game Betting

Video Game Betting: Ways To Make Money

Video games have been going around the market for decades now. Even though grumpy parents might disagree, video games are very much like traditional sports games. They invoke the same kind of excitement and feel while playing, and equally so to the viewers. The first official e-sports competition was held by Rolling Stone writer Stewart Brand who organised the competition back in 1972 to write an article on the potential of computers, video games being a big part of it. He obviously could not have foreseen the rise of e-sports to the extent it has come today, but the way he wrote about it at that time was very sports-like: he wrote about the competition like a writer would write about a football game or the like.

Several years later, competitive video gaming is at an all time high. There are a lot of video games in the market that are betting friendly and would fetch you big earnings just like traditional sports would, games like Call of Duty, Free Fire, League of Legends etc. There are lots of ways you can bet on e-sports, a few of which are discussed below.

Player Betting

Player Betting

As you can almost tell, e-sports betting is a relatively new form of gambling and therefore people will bet only on the absolute pros at the game. However this means that ordinary players don’t stand a chance. So e-sports usually have another way to bet: player on player betting. This essentially means that a player can bet on themselves or on their team against another. There won’t be many people watching the game, and you probably won’t have a massive fan following, but you can win cash this way. Bets can be anything from winning a game to completing a certain task. Player on player betting largely depends largely on your individual or team skills.

Skin Betting

Another type of betting unique to e-sports betting is skin betting. A skin is a cosmetic upgrade that does not change the gameplay, but it gives a new look to the avatar of the player. A skin can be applied for a character, equipment in the game etc. Skins can be seen as collectables and therefore hold some value. Betting on skins is cheaper, more efficient and an expensive skin gives the player a better value when someone else bets on them.

Twitch Streaming

Twitch Streaming

Twitch is like the Youtube of the gaming community. Several famous PUBG, Call of Duty, League of Legends, etc. pros stream their live gameplays on Twitch because Twitch is a dedicated gamer friendly video sharing platform. Twitch also provides the gamer to open a subscription account to let them watch their livestream, helping them make money. Betting isn’t the plan here, but it helps bettors get a better understanding on what they are betting on.


Benefits of In-Game Betting

Betting has always stepped the game to include features and options that one hopes to witness while placing money on teams or players you believe will perform. As the process keeps getting upgraded with technology, you will get to know more about how things are close to innovation. Due to all that, in-game betting has turned out to be the new phenomenon, and you need to try it out. But in case you’re having second thoughts about it, read the following set of benefits to get a clear picture of the matter.

The Missing Problem of Bad Beats

Games can get out of hand, and at times, such aspects occur during the first few stages. While such incidents are painful for those who have already placed bets, it will not affect those who are following in-game betting. As live betting helps you view the game and place bets accordingly, you will be able to make better decisions that eliminate the process of bad beats. Thanks to that, you will stand a better chance of making it big and earning money in a manner that you had hoped for.

Bettors Can Avoid Pre-Game Decisions

Pre-game decisions are not always right, and the process will end up being a time-consuming one. But with in-game betting, such aspects can be put to rest, and you will be able to reap the benefits of the same. You can sit tight by acknowledging both the teams and then begin by placing bets when the action starts. In this manner, you will be prepared to face decisions and count on aspects that mean a lot to the game. As a result, things will be heading your way, and you can make use of it.

The Important Process of Hedging

Hedging related opportunities are all around the corner, and you can utilize the same in a manner that you had never imagined before. By hedging, bettors will be able to look upon a guaranteed profit without being affected by the outcome of the game. Since this particular move is always a beneficial one, you will stand a better chance of earning money by betting using the in-game option. Due to that, hedging is undoubtedly a necessary process, and you need to understand the same.

The Important Process of Hedging


In-game betting has a lot to offer, and you have a lot to gain. With these aspects lining up to form the perfect balance, you will fall in love with in-game betting. But it would help if you also realized that risks are a part of the picture and dealing with the same forms the process of in-game betting. Hence, consider everything and step right in to evaluate your needs and push forward in-game.

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Game Review

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, abbreviated as MGS3, is a stealth action game directed by Hideo Kojima and developed by Konami Computer Entertainment Japan. This game marks the last canonical game in the Metal Gear Solid series. Metal Gear Solid games hold a special place in the hearts of avid gamers. Indeed, what makes this game stand out to many players is the way Hideo manages to incorporate the aspect of hope and tactfulness. In the darkness, there is light, and in times of danger, there is a need for calm.

fan art metal gear solid
Amazing fan art from amirulhafiz seen at deviantart.com


This action-packed game is inspired by the happenings of the Cold War in 1964. The Snake, aided via radio by Major Zero, Para-Medic, and The Boss, is deployed to the jungles of the Soviet Union. Their mission is to rescue a renowned scientist by the name Sokolov who happens to be building an explosive nuclear tank called the “Shagohod.” The mission goes as planned until The Boss defects to Volkin’s camps, escaping with the Shagohod in the process.

The MGS3 can be described as a cold war-based stealth game. During the game, the player controls the main character, “Snake,” which is out to fight its main antagonist, “Volkin,” and all his operatives. The game places emphasis on the player’s ability to think and do everything within their means to survive.

The Metal Gear Solid 3 game, therefore, is a perfect example of tactical espionage. This means that you have to hide, seek, and fight your way through all manner of terrains, including mangroves, tropical jungles, swamps, forests, and sewers, among others.

During gameplay, you also need to keep hunting for provisions from the haven of flora and fauna. Although Snake’s health will naturally replenish, you also need to ensure it does that optimally by keeping its stamina bar full. You can only do that by ensuring that it is well fed.

Part of the operation also requires that you have a cure menu. This essential feature allows you to keep Snake healthy. If Snake is wounded, after a vicious fight, the wounds are relatively easy to treat with the medical kit. And in case you have run out of medical supplies, your goal suddenly shifts towards the hunt for medical supplies.

game features

The game features exceptional gaming mechanics such as footsteps, camouflage, distractions, and noise, among others. The mechanics of the game are unbelievably realistic, especially for a game that was developed more than a decade ago.

Standout Gaming Scenes

The MGS3 introductory scene is as epic as it can get. The game starts with a plane cutting through Pakistani skies headed to the Soviet Airspace. Onboard is Snake, awaiting to jump off the plane. Right after making the jump, the player is allowed to switch the panorama and enjoy the views.

As Snake descends, the game is momentary cut into a mission briefing to explain the situation. A few moments later, Snake lands in the forest and gets up before embarking on his mission.

Then Snake hits the ground running, out to rescue the defected Soviet scientist Sokolov. While there are many events in the game, some mark key defining moments of the game. That said, some standout gaming scenes in MGS3.

1. Betrayal on the Bridge

Symbolically, the bridge is often used to show a transition. But in MGS3, the bridge is an obstruction to Snake’s success. After a hard-worn fight that saw Snake rescue Sokolov, a scientist. The Boss, Snake’s partner, however, decides to defect to the Soviets, bringing Snake’s former allies with her. Snake is also thrown off the bridge, which marks his first failure and the start of the mission.

2. Survival of the Fittest

MCG3 takes place in a rough and natural environment full of traps, rugged paths, swamps, and forests. Snake has to rely on his survival skills to make it here. This means that he has to hunt for his own food, choose his camouflage, face paint for different situations, and organize his backpack. Notwithstanding, Snake has to tend to wounds and burn to realize his full potential.

3. River of Sorrows

A remarkable Boss battle, where Snake wades through a ghostly river while battling the spirits of the soldiers and animals that he killed during his earlier mission. Although he tries to fight the ghost, he is bound to lose this spiritual battle. And after dying, Snake takes a revival pill that sets him free from the eerie of this spiritual environment.

4. The Boss Battle

Snake then lands into the path of a legendary sniper who appears to be well over a hundred years old. However, his experience makes him a worthy opponent who you cannot afford to ignore. In this encounter, you have to kill the ‘old man.’ You can kill him early when he is still unsuspecting. Alternatively, you might opt to fight him in a one on one sniper battle, which can be a tough one.

If your shooting skills aren’t up there, you can use your thermal goggle and ambush him. Alternatively, you can abuse the fact that he is about to die and shut the game for a week and let him die of old age. Of course, the last option isn’t the best considering that it means staying away from the fun.

5. Final Battle

Having defeated Volgin and endured the Shagohod threat, all that remains is fight The Boss, Snake’s former ally and mentor. This battle takes place in a field. And since The Boss has the support of the Wing In Ground (WIGs), this battle turns out to be quite demanding for Snake. And when the battle nears its end, with Snake poised to win, the theme song heard during the early stages of the game is re-played.

6. The Last Showdown

This battle takes place in the Metal Gear, where there are both protagonists and antagonists. Just as Snake is about to escape after defeating The Boss, Ocelot forces his way into the WIGS, where he later puts up a fight. During their encounters, Ocelot admires Snake’s fighting skills. And after fighting for some time, Ocelots pokes Snake in the eyes and calls it quits. They part ways in a rather weird fashion after exchanging warm words and a smile.

7. Debriefing

The debriefing happens after Snake manages to oust his enemies successfully. This victory earns Snake the title of Big Boss, awarded by the president himself. To Snake, this victory is somewhat bitter, considering that he had to kill The Boss, who happened to be his cherished mentor. For his admiration for The Boss, Snake decided to visit her tombstone and place a bouquet.

The Slots Connection

Metal Gear Solid 3 game coverFollowing the huge admiration of the game, MGS3 fans who fancy playing slots games can now play the Metal Gear Solid Series: Snake Eater Pachinko Slot from Konami featuring versions of scenes from the game in HD. Surprisingly, most famous cut scenes are made with cutting edge visuals, making them look a bit squawky. Previously for gaming consoles, recent developments saw it introduced in the Pachinko game, a popular Japanese slots machine variant.

To play this game, all you need is to match up the symbols to deal damage to Ocelot. If you have played online slots games before, then the MGS3: Snake Eater Pachinko game should be a no brainer.

Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly, there are many great things to say about MGS3. The incredible plot and attention to detail make this game a beloved classic to many.

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