We are honored to announce the cooperation we have made with the Turkish notebook manufacturer Monster.

Tartarus will be developed using Monster’s high-performance computers.

Monster Notebook, which is trying to contribute to the development of the game industry in Turkey and everywhere, has previously sponsored various gaming events and successful e-sports team  SuperMassive. The last native to offer the firm support was Abyss Gameworks, the developer of the TARTARUS game.

General Manager of Monster Notebook Ilhan Yilmaz evaluated decision of supporting Abyss Gameworks, “We always felt a responsibility towards my country as a local brand. I am sure that the game industry has reached a size exceeding 100 billion dollars in the world and I think that Turkey can get more share from this market. For this reason, we are trying to cooperate and support companies like Abyss Gameworks. We will be proud of it if we can contribute to their success and if we can contribute to the development of the game industry in our country. We believe that Abyss Gameworks will be successful and we want to show them in support of them.

Abyss Gameworks Marketing Manager Hüsamettin Yüzer also expressed his thoughts on the co-operation with Monster, “It’s exciting for us to work with the Monster Notebook, which has an international brand identity and product quality in the global. With this cooperation we realize that we can carry forward the project of TARTARUS even further. With Monster equipment, we will work more effectively and quickly, especially in the game development process. TARTARUS is pleased to see the people who set us up for the first time, even though it was the first project of our team. As Abyss Gameworks, it is our greatest aim to be a company that produces sustainable projects. I hope that Abyss Gameworks will become a brand that speaks its name worldwide over the next few years with following the footsteps of Monster.


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