Top 4 Cs:Go Betting Websites Of 2020

Top 4 Cs:Go Betting Websites Of 2020

Counter-Strike has become more than a game for gamers. It is a guide to the FPS games for any new gamer who wants to give their reflexes a try. Counter-strike 1.6 was slowly dying as people started moving on to better graphics games. But CSGO became the pinnacle of Valve and the saviour of counter-strike gaming community. Later CSGO also launched skins which involved people into trading and gambling. But the real betting on CSGO began with the online websites offering bets on the live tournaments of CSGO held around the world. Today there are plenty of websites which allows CSGO betting. Here is a list of the top CSGO betting websites where you can start betting on your favourite team.



Betspawn is one of the websites which has specifically spent on attracting the CSGO community for betting on their platform. Today it is one of the best websites to offer esports gambling. It is a user-friendly website which is made for beginners to understand how betting on esports works. You will also receive bonuses on registering on the website, and you can choose between 100% or 200% bonus. The website offers good odds and offers straight match betting.


Betway is one of the most trusted esports betting website you can plan on joining. Betway agency has been operating since 1934 and also holds a spot on the London Stock Exchange. Since this bookmaker has several public shareholders, they want to provide a promising experience to their customers to remain trustworthy. It offers the fastest withdrawals along with a quick to respond to customer support.



Arcanebet is a new platform made especially for CSGO events but also hosts bettings for other esports as well. It is a licensed and fully regulated betting site which offers bettors to bet with money or CSGO skins with quick and easy withdrawals and deposits. The site offers several bets such as player bet, map bet, along with the special markets. The website offers a “system bet” which allows the bettors to place multiple bets and they still win some amount if they win some of the bets of all the bets they made. The website also has good customer support and offers live betting along with an integrated stream.


This website may seem like someone made it just for fun and no one really uses it, but it has a pretty big player base since 2011. The developers intentionally made the website look weird, which made them popular on social media as well. One good thing about GG.BET is that there is no minimum deposit so you can start playing with whatever you have. It offers a lot of deposit and withdrawal options and has amazing bonuses, which is why it is one of the most preferred websites by the players.


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