Profitable Bowl Game Betting Strategies

Profitable Bowl Game Betting Strategies

A bowl game is a term used to describe a post season college football game, usually playing under the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s (NCAA) Football division. It is one of the most popular football games viewed in North America, and has a pretty good stronghold on the minds of people in North America and Canada.

Betting on bowl games is almost the same as betting on other football games, albeit with minor changes. There are a few subtle changes that will be explained in detail below.

Assessing The Teams

Assessing The Teams

Well, this is arguably Rule 0 of betting on anything. Bowl games are usually played by newcomers and relatively new athletes. This gives the public a little less certainty about the players they are betting on. But there is a way to make bets confidently in bowl games: the coach. The coach is what the public looks for to bet on teams in a bowl game. An experienced, well informed coach can do with a group of impressionable young budding talents what a professional UEFA coach can do: win games. So keep an eye out for the talents and the man behind them to help get an idea about the team.

Betting The Underdog

Since bowl games are essentially college level games, the bettors and general public are going to bet in a biased way. They are not going to bet on the probable outcome, they are going to bet on what they think will be the probable outcome. Bowl games are one of those football games that people don’t actually care for the statistics and research and bet on favourites. This is exactly where a person who has done their homework well can excel: especially when betting on the underdog. The underdog is most crucial when it comes to betting because the underdog decides the line, not the favourite. Depending on the underdog’s performance, you can win a lot more money by betting less on the underdog than if you bet more money on the favourite.

The Consistency Of The Teams

Consistency is the biggest factor in betting on a team. They could have the best players in the tournament, the best coach but if they aren’t consistent in their wins they aren’t a good bet. It is simply how it is. So how do you get over this issue? The most obvious solution: previous data. Draw up the team’s history, learn how they fare individually, and against each team. If they are good against one team, place a bet on them, and if it’s the opposite, bet on the other team. The idea here is not to show support to your favourite team, but to make money; so you hav to do what you have to do to get your bankroll going.

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