Top 5 Video Games That You Can Bet On

Top 5 Video Games That You Can Bet On

The E-sports community has been improving every year with more and more people getting interested in playing, watching, and participating in tournaments which are held around the globe. There are a ton of popular genres of games which are being played every day on live streams and also have tournaments happening every month. We can see video games becoming a fully-fledged sport event in the near future, and just like any other sports, the betting will increase parallelly. Today if you want to play bets on a video game, here is a list of the best ones.


Starcraft II

Starcraft is from a genre which has been the advent of video games gambling. Wings of Liberty became one of the first esports to bet on in 2010. The first few years of esports betting were not as big as they are not. The audience took time to build, and people generated interest in the games through the influence of their peers. Starcraft II offers plenty of choices for betting throughout a game and has a lot of options to consider for bettors to calculate their profits. Plenty of esports sites offer to bet for Starcraft II and other multiplayer tournaments, including Paddy Power.


Overwatch took the crowd by storm when it was first launched. The characters in the game connected with the players through their cinematic stories. The players not only have their favourite players outside the game, but also their favourite characters inside the game. Blizzard’s Overwatch is played in four stages and provides enough opportunities for placing bets in each stage. Overwatch esports is still growing among people and is presumed as one of the good investments for better to learn this game.

League of Legends

League of Legends

For gamers, LOL means League of Legends. It is one of the biggest esports events around the world with the biggest prize pools in every tournament. LOL has tournaments going on around the world every week, and you can bet in almost any of those whenever you want. LOL also provides a lot more betting options than the previous two games including a bet on who draws the first blood.


DOTA holds the record for having the biggest player base to play the game at the same time. Betting and trading have always been popular in Dota2 due to the in-game currency. The skins and effects in the game is what makes it more popular than LOL. Dota2 conducts small and big tournaments around the world, and there are plenty of esports websites which offer Dota2 betting.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Nothing beats CSGO which has been a healthy gaming community for more than 20 years now. The first Counter-Strike game, 1.6, was when the things really changed for esports. Today CSGO has more tournaments than any other game in the world and thousands of betting sites are offering skin trades and gambles on this ever-living game.

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