Factors To Consider When Betting On Esports

Factors To Consider When Betting On Esports

As the esports grow more and more popular among the gamers as well as the internet audience, there are plenty of games which have space for betting and trading. Games like Counter-Strike, Dota2, and Overwatch are some of the most popular games to offer online betting through third party websites. Learning to bet on esports is as easy as other sports betting, but can take time to be able to beat the odds and make long term profits instead of getting one-time-lucky. Here are some factors that must know about when betting for esports.

Knowing the team

Knowing the team

Just knowing the names of the team and the players is not enough. You will need to do thorough research about the team and its members if you need to make profits in future. For example, in a CSGO game, knowing which player can stabilize the team or who will dominate the game and have the highest kill by the end of the game can be good information in deciding to place bets. You can learn about the players by following their streams on Twitch or Youtube to understand their gaming style and when they are at their best forms.

Knowing the formats

You should have a clear idea about how the game you are betting on works. You cannot start betting on a game and expect to win if the only knowledge you have about the game is that it is a shooting game. You need to develop a comprehensive understanding of the game to know what is going on and when is the right time to bet. Knowing the maps and the type of gameplay the players will be using can help in placing better bets.

Kowing the strategies

The games have always been evolving, and the gamers work to find their sweet spot in the game to dominate matches. Many times in the history of gaming, players have used the strategies in the tournaments which have never been used before and the bettors who bet on those won easy money. However, this does not happen all the time and you should definitely pray that there is no new strategy used by the team you are not betting on.


Finding the odds

With more teams joining the tournaments, the odds of winning also decrease. The betting websites also need to add more betting options with new game patches and players joining the game. Browsing through the esports betting websites to find the best odds is the way to win promising profits for long terms. Also, make use of the bonuses offered by the websites and pick the one with the best bonuses and odds. It is a great way of boosting your profits only with a little bit of patience and time to find the right website.

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