Tartarus will continue to be developed with ViewSonic monitors!

ViewSonic Turkey Team supports Tartarus! When we started to create Tartarus’ atmosphere, we needed proffessional screens. As you know, when you are working on something like materials, textures, lighting, etc., one of the most important elements are screens which affected your product quality. Especially the colors may change screen to screen. You need to trust […]

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PC Gamer’s Review About Tartarus

Hack the retro sci-fi consoles in Tartarus. PC Gamer’s review about Tartarus. Thanks to Ian Birnbaum.  He has really fun and wrote an article titled “You’ll need a pen and paper to survive this upcoming space mystery“. We hope you will love this game.

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The Turkish Notebook Company Monster will support Tartarus

We are honored to announce the cooperation we have made with the Turkish notebook manufacturer Monster. Tartarus will be developed using Monster’s high-performance computers. Monster Notebook, which is trying to contribute to the development of the game industry in Turkey and everywhere, has previously sponsored various gaming events and successful e-sports team  SuperMassive. The last […]

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Our Steam Store Page Has Been Opened!

We have finally released our new trailer. You can check it out on our Steam page. Tartarus is a game developed by Abyss Gameworks and that has been successfully Greenlit along with having it’s brand new Steam Store Page and Trailer. Tartarus Teaser Trailer II :        

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RT @ErtugrulSungu: We are having our first #IndieGameDev conferance as a department! There will be five Indie Game Companies during our eve…