An expert guide to eSports betting for 2020

An expert guide to eSports betting for 2020

Esports betting is no longer a thing of the future now. By the end of 2020, the estimated global market of eSports will be $30 Billion. Professional eSports is a big thing now. Initially started inside homes, eSports took a hike and found its own space in the gaming field. Many of the players who play video games passionately enter into online tournaments to contest against other players. These tournaments include teams and individual players competing against one another for the final prize.

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Before you bet your money on any of the games, you should first have a little knowledge about the game. There are various games that conduct online tournaments. However, there is a huge variety of games available on the internet, professional tournaments are confined to a few. Games like Dota, Overwatch, Smite, Counter-Strike, Street Fighter, League of Legends are one such example of online games.
You don’t have to understand all of the games but the one you are intending to bet on. If you play it yourself, you will get to know how the game is. Furthermore, additional knowledge about the game will assist you in understanding it.
Major Esports tournaments:
It’s very important to keep a watch on the upcoming tournaments. Among the hundreds of tournaments held around the world, you need to focus on the popular ones. The International Dota2 Championships, League of Legends World Championships, Intel Extreme Masters are examples of the popular tournaments. There are various tournaments that you can find with a simple search.

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There are plenty of bookmarkers available on the internet. The Bookies may differ from each other., but offer a variety of eSports range. With certain exceptions to certain games, you will have to find a Bookie that facilitates betting on your game. helps you fond the perfect bookie for you to place your bets, and shows you which bookies to avoid to keep your money safe.  Many of the bookmarkers also allow you to bet on regular sports like football and golf.
Never ignore the stats. It’s quite easy to dig up the history of the teams. You can get the team ranking from the internet. Also, assess the team performances in the previous match, and with each other. Understand even the little information and don’t overlook anything. This will help you to decide the nature of the bet and medium.
Betting is not so complicated. It’s a matter of certain calculations and analysis of the real data. Never keep any space for intuition, it may work for experienced players but you shouldn’t completely rely upon it. Deal the data at hand, compare, tally, understand and analyze. You can predict the outcome by deeply looking for any change in the game, certain raking is set to change and it takes a while for the bookmarker to reflect these changes. For e.g, A team can’t be on the top forever and it’s to be replaced. Comparing the performance, if you could bet on an underdog, you would be ahead of the Bookmarker.
Follow – Up:
It’s very important that you keep an eye on the game. The upcoming results, tournaments and the recent developments are your strands of information that you need to keep. Furthermore, create an account on Twitch Tv. Though YouTube and Facebook are making progress, Twitch is the big fish. After that, you can subscribe to channels like eLeague that will provide you first-hand coverage and information about the games.

Esports is not new but it’s not old either. Over the last decade, the ground of eSports has become firm. Many players have to opt for eSports professionalism opening a new range of betting activities. Esports betting requires more than searching on the computer but analyzation of data, understanding of game patterns and a lot of knowledge about the game. Before betting, it always wise to know the game by playing it yourself. It shall give you an insight into the game. It’s obvious you will not master it but it will help you understand it.

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