A guide to CSGO betting

A guide to CSGO betting

Counter-Strike Global Offensive has seen quite an upsurge in the matters of esports betting. If you’re considering betting on CSGO, you need to halt and rethink your priorities. There are certain things that need to be understood before you go on forward. If you play it well, you can be assured a bright smile, but even a little misunderstanding about how things work will end up with a grim look on your mane. So be patient, analyze, understand and retrospect. CSGO betting is a game of strategies, skills, and patterns.

CSGO – Counter Strike Global Offensive

Counter-Strike was created in 1999 by Minh Le and Jess Cliffe. Initially, the game was free to download, but eventually, the game grew as one of the most popular multiplayer games on the internet. The game features the battle between two teams – The terrorists and the Counter-Terrorists. The terrorists must plant an explosive and the task of the Counter-terrorists is to prevent the task, either by eliminating, defuse or prolong the time so the time runs out. For every round, the team has to complete certain map objectives and eliminate the opposing team.


Before you bet, you need proper information about the game. It would be unwise to not know about the gaming specifics and how does it work. Spend some time and research a little. This will come in handy.


CSGO is also an emerging platform in esports betting. There are plenty of bookmarkers available on the internet. However, out of many bookies available on the internet, many of them don’t offer SGO betting. You need to find particular sites that allow you the option of betting on the game. Esports betting is a new platform that is gaining momentum and apart from that, some of these sites also allow you to bet on regular sports like golf.


Never ignore the data. Using your intuition is fine but never forget the statistics. Write down the statistics of the game, analyze and don’t skip anything. Also, don’t overlook how both of the teams have performed in the past and against each other. You can use various websites to know about the teams and their rankings.

Follow – up

It’s important to follow the development of the game. Though YouTube and Facebook are making little improvements Twitch takes the big chunk of cake to itself. Register an account on Twitch and watch CSGO. You will be prompted to subscribe to various channels like Eleague, ESL’s CS:GO.These will help you to keep a watch of the game and know its maps.

Betting is an art and it comes from years of experience. It has its own place for intuition but that comes with years of subconscious data stored in our brains. Deal the information at hand and rely upon solid data devoid of any superstition. The rankings change and it may take a while for the bookmaker to bring the change into the line –up, if you analyze and look for any change, you can predict the future outcome and invest on an underdog.


2 – Way:

There is a certain type of betting in CSGO. This is the most basic form. You simply place your bet on the team that will come on top.

Win Outright:

You are required to place your money on the team that will win the tournaments.

First Kill:

It’s hard to predict but adds to the fun of betting. Who gets the first kill is not easy to guess but that’s what betting in all about, predict.

First pistol round:

You are to predict which team will win the pistol round and if you guessed it right, you can earn a few bucks. Like other types, it also depends upon your knowledge of the game.


Picking a Team
Betting on CSGO is no different than ordinary platforms, but when it comes to the serious game, it requires more than typing on your laptop. Don’t just randomly pick a team but know why you’re choosing one, and it would be better if you yourself played the game out. It would give you an insight into how the game is. Apart from that, research about the teams and compare them with each other.

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