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Bet On

Top Video Games to Bet On in 2020

Video Game betting is taking over the online betting industry and for good reasons. With the growth in the integration of sports with the online world, the trust with the competitors is also seeking a sharp rise. A large number of the online companies have taken a stride in creating several leagues in e-sports tournaments that are mainly run by the third parties. The viewership of these betting on e-sports are increasing by 15% every year, and the industry of online betting and video game betting sees a sharp rise, year-on-year. With the largest creator of the e-sports events and other activities,  in this article, we’ve narrowed down the choices to three great games which are the most exciting to bet on, in 2020

Rocket League

From the perspective on an outsider, watching the gameplay, this seems to be a well sought after and an easy game, despite looking a tad bit unfair. It is reminiscent of the football game, but with cards. The game was released recently in 2015 after which it hit the markets massively with the introduction of the game in various e-sport events. It is divided into two- the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) and the Rocket League Rival Series (RLRS). Both of these leagues re mainly developed and funded during the tournaments by the Psyonix. Rocket League

Rainbow Six Siege

The game is setting its foot into the world of online betting into the fifth year, and it is more significant than it was ever expected to be. They’re used for the multiple seasons every year and this year, they follow a completely revamped version. This game was developed by a company named Ubisoft which have also announced their release or the Xbox Series X and the newest Playstation 5 as well. This game has set its standards in the ESL Pro League for all the global competitors, and the developers and the competitors state that the sports betting in the RS are as bright as a flash of the grenade. Rainbow Six Siege

Dota 2

Dota 2, a short version of the name for Defense of the Ancients, is one of the smaller versions of the MOBA games and the fan base for this game is arguably one of the best in the world of video game betting. The game is developed by a company named Valves. The fans and sports bettors for this game generally expect a hyper and a critical match that generally thrills all the eSports spectators as well. Although the Legend of the Leagues below this game has somewhat paced its way to catch up, Dota 2 remains at the top position of the eSPorts chart the game is comprised in an open circuit tournament format, alongside all the international and popular games. The pool prize for betting on the game in 2019 was $34 million.

Top Factors that Makes a Website Fit for Esports Betting

Over the years, people have found immense interest in betting on sports, also known as Esports. There are a lot of websites for you to bet on any sports you like. But understanding and knowing the best website for you to bet is the crucial part of any Esports betting sites. There are many legit websites like 22Bet Esports, Betway Esports, Spin Sports, and 10cric sports. One may find it easy to bet on the game you desire to play. Have you ever wondered what makes these websites legit? Are there any unknown factors behind them that give her the number one choice? Keeping all these questions aside, we will see answers to your crucial questions in the following post.

Vital Factors that Makes an Esports Betting Sites Popular

1. Easy to Use and Handle

The first and the foremost factor that makes a website best is how easy and feasible it is for anyone to use the website. It is one of the advantages the beginners who visit the website will be looking for. Bookmakers who have eased and prioritize this solution is sure to see the wonder in their website.


2. Quantity of Esports Markets

The second factor is the range of games provided by the website. If the website only offers a set of games like LoL, CS:GO, and Dota 2. The main theme of the website is to offer a wide range of games for the players to bet. This will not only help to increase the flow of customers but increase the profit as well. To increase the market and games, you can consider, including Overwatch, Call of Duty, and Rocket League.

3. Additional Betting Options

The third topic that makes the website special is by offering three or more than three betting options for the punters to bet. It is not about the existing betting options, but additional betting options. This can also comprise specials and live bets.

Betting Options

4. Esports Specific Bonuses

This point is what makes the website a star and helps to increase the flow of punters. Punters and bettors will be attracted to the bonuses and rewards offered by the websites. Along with offering bonuses in between the game, the bettors are looking for bonuses and rewards which they can attain as a novice or beginner at the same platform.

5. Customer Support Service

With the help of technology, just like any other industry, the gaming industry is also integrating the technology to offer the best customer support services to its customers. For this, the technology and the staff should have customer support staff, and customer support channels to make this a success.

Support Service


The above mentioned are the best categorization of the website from which you can select the best website to bet on. Few of the games you can bet online are League of Legends, Rainbow Six Siege, StarCraft 2, and Rocket League.


Top 6 Esports Betting Websites You Don’t Know

If you are an avid player or not, Esports is a platform that saw an increase in the adoption over the years, especially during these challenging times. With its popularity increasing daily, the sites have helped to bring the experienced punters together to bet on the websites. In the following post, we will be discussing some of the websites famous for Esports betting. Gambling and placing bets on the Esports is just like placing bets on any other sports or event. If you are a fresher, this post is going to help you out in future. Without much further ado, let us dive right into the article.

1. 1XBET

The first and the foremost website you can gamble on is none other than the 1XBET. One can avail a lot of bonuses and rewards when you gamble at this website. Apart from that, you will also be provided with a variety of languages for its users to bet and work more.


2. Arcanebet

The second one the list is none other than the Arcanebet. Being one of the top players in the Esports space, this website offers some of the aesthetic bets for the punters to grab a win. You can also avail a lot of languages and offers for the players. Apart from that, you will also be provided with many bonuses as well as rewards for its customers.

3. Betonline

Just like any other website given on the list, this website also offers many rewards and bonuses. One who loves to enjoy gambling, especially Esports, is sure to love Betonline. One can find an extensive sportsbook where you can a lot of variety of games to bet on. If these don’t excite you, wait till you hear about the reward they offer for the beginners and freshers!


4. 888SPORTS

Ever since its inception, 888SPORTS has been a top player in the gambling market. One can find licenses and certifications from the UK and Malta making it available for Europe and Great Britain players and punters alike. Without any doubt, one can say that 888SPORTS offers the best-betting sites and rewards for the punters.

5. Betsson

The next one is Betsson, which is known as one of the topmost sports betting sites in the gambling world. The website offers many games for the bettors spread across the world. With its easy and feasible website format, the website is the right choice for the customers and punters.

6. Betway

The last one on the list is Betway. Just like 888SPORTS, Betway has been around for more than a decade. From its initial stage onwards, the website has attracted a lot of punters into the land. The website is also known for its amazing rewards and bonuses.

Video Games

Top 4 Legendary Video Games Famous for Betting

Video gaming betting has been around for more than a decade, and ever since its beginning; the industry has witnessed a lot of players on its platform. When the sports and its amazing influence are attracting a lot of punters to its stage, the games and software developers are bringing new items on to the menu for the punters to bet. In the following post, we will see a few of the best video games you may or may not know that excised. Without creating any further ado, let us dive right into the article.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The first and the foremost video game you must rely on is none other than the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This game has been around more than 20 years and ever since its inception; the gaming space saw a wide acceptance in embracing the game. For those who don’t know, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, widely popular as CS:GO is known for its king of the open-circuit format. The game is free to play, as they saw an increase of players on the field get ready to explore. You can find many events and options in the game, and they can also bet on the winning by round margin as well as how many kills takes plays in a play.


League of Legends

The next one on the list is a widely popular one in between the beginners as well as in between the professionals. If you are having a conversation between friends about the best video games, you must include League of Legends. One can find this video game capable of offering everything and anything to the players. Apart from that, you can also see that League of Legends is one of the top players in the market.


The third one on the topic is none other than the Overwatch who is again a top competitor in the playground. The Overwatch League is popularly known as OWL. This game is suitable for both beginners as well as professionals. With its amazing software and convenience, one can undoubtedly say that The Overwatch League is the best choice one can avail.


Dota 2

Over the years, this online video game has attracted a lot of layers and punters across the world. The website is popular to provide the prize money to their fans and players. The fabulous Valve develops this promising game. One can undoubtedly say that Dota 2 is best and currently sits in the second place.


You may be new or a professional in the video gaming field. Whatever the case or situation is, one must always keep in mind or at least know the various legendary video games that have attracted a lot of punters as well as players to the field.

Video Games

Tips to Increase the Odds while Betting on Video Games

With the advent of technology, even the gaming industry has seen an increase in the flow of customers into the landscape. From its initial stage onwards, video games, popularly known as Esports is transforming the gaming industry with its amazing skills in making the customers more convenient, even while playing sitting at home. Esports is also a gaming arena that has dragged a lot of punters as well. With that said, we will see a few of the points to keep in mind while checking to bet on Esports. Without creating any further dialogues, let us hit the article, shall we?

Understanding the game

The first tip to keep in mind is to check and study the game whatsoever. If you don’t know on what game you are betting, you may increase loses than winning. If you are a beginner in the space, it is better to understand and know the game thoroughly than anyone. There are a lot of free games you can play online that can help you to give an insight into the gaming space. You need the experience to win. So, it is advised to go through the free games where you don’t have to bet any penny and understand how the game is played.


Legal bookmarkers

The second is to understand how bookmakers are vital in Esports betting platform. They are the main bridge that sills the gap between your winning and the game you wish to play. For choosing the best bookmaker for you, you must know whether the bookmaker is legit and holds a license. Esports, like any other platform, is a place where you can find many fraud contents and fraud bookmaker. So, to stay away from all these fraudulent bookmakers, you must keep an eye on the legal bookmakers.


Before chose which website to bet for or which game to bet for, you must compare the website and information provided by the website to choose the right one for you. You can keep a closer look in the bonuses and rewards offered by the websites. Also, make sure to read the licensing information. To know more, you can even check the reviews of those who have already gambled on the website to understand whether the website is legit or not.


The next tip is to keep an eye on the statistics. If you plan to bet on the video games, one should never miss out the statistics. It is all about the time, the wins, and the loses of the game you are playing for. It can also include the winning numbers of the players. Gambling is all about predicting. When you predict the outcome of the game, the main point is to understand and win the game.

Wrap it Up

The above given are only a few tips you want to increase the odds at winning while betting on a video game. Even though there are various kinds of bookmakers found in the market, make sure to choose the right one for you. Choosing the right one can bring many surprises.


CSGO and Betting Guide for Beginners

Betting is a very tough platform, especially if you are a beginner. CSGO, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a game that has observed many players both in participants as well as punters. If you are new to the betting site, this post will be helpful for you. CSGO betting came to be popular in recent years. Within a short span of time, the love for the game only increased. There are three various prominent ways how one can bet at CSGO. One can clearly picture them as Pre-match Betting, CSGO Live Betting, and Outright Betting. Keeping that aside, let us see how to increase the odds in favour for you while you bet at CSGO.  Without creating any further ado, let us dive right into the article, shall we?

Pre-match Betting

The first and the foremost betting we will be discussing is how to bet even before the match has started. This is one of the ways of betting even before the match is going live. Predicting who wins the game.


CSGO Live Betting

The second form of betting is none other than the betting while the game is on live. Here, the chances for you to predict the winner of the game are difficult but easy. Simply put, the chances are fifty-fifty. These are those types of bets where you can place a bet if and only if the game is live.

Outright Betting

The third form of betting, as mentioned before, is called the Outright betting. Here, if you wish to win this form of bet, you must need a splendid knowledge on the game and the players.

The CSGO Betting Guide Book

1. Checking out the past match result before betting

Here, you will have to research a lot of things. Nobody likes to look back at the past and go through the 犀利士
same way again and again. But, if you want to grab or increase the odds at CSGO, you may need to rethink the past. Teams and how they work out their win at the game may vary, and you must know it better before betting to increase the chance of winning.

Outright Betting

2. Going and researching through the map

Here, as mentioned before, you have to understand the history of the teams before playing. You may not find any good in the team, but you can keep a close look to understand the small sparkling thing that can make you and the teams win.

3. Has the team changed

The third tip is to keep in mind to check out for the team and the players. If the team has included any fresh or new faces in the team, it would be better to understand it before betting to increase the chances of winning.


Your Guide to Betting on CS: GO

r-Strike Global Offensive or CS:
 GO is a top game that players from around the world can’t seem to be getting enough of. The different features and vibrant format of gambling have always been crucial in capturing the minds of players. Thanks to all that, the game has further ventured across boundaries to set things right and get it all going. As a result, betting on CS: GO is turning out to be popular, and we are here to tell you all about it. Hence, go ahead and read your guide on betting on CSGO.

The Process

The numbers and various other figures floating around the screen might lead you into a different train of thought since confusing times are all ahead. But you need not be confused with the process because learning more about it is relatively easy. The first thing that you need to learn on this front are the odds and how they represent the likelihood of a particular outcome. Since two teams are not equal, you need to understand the advantage that one has over the other by looking into the odds.

So focus on the decimal odds and understand how the rivalry is bound to take shape. To make matters all the more impressive, one needs to remember the formula, Bet × Odds = Payout. In this manner, you can start making changes and bringing about a strategy that matters the most.


Understand Skins

Skins are certain upgrades that can be equipped in-game and thus end up acting as trophies for top players. Due to that, you can use it to bet in games and convert the same into cash. These digital goods are an essential part of the game, and everyone likes to decode the value of it. As a result, people are in the process of earning more of it, and you can do so by watching CS: GO matches or by using a twitch account.

While this process can be carried based on whatever works for you, one must also look into the process to understand the better one between cash and skins. So explore these options and then choose one that counts.

Research and Understanding

A proper form of research is needed to understand the teams and develop an imaginary outcome. Based on the same, you can go ahead to place bets and explore the different options that you have in mind. But always remember to look into facts and odds since they matter the most. While you are bound to make mistakes, you will eventually learn to deal with the same. So consider these options and look into the format that counts the most.


Some Profitable Bowl Betting Tips

College football bowl is filled with all kinds of expectations as players lock horns to win the cup that matters the most. Since betting has also entered the space, you cannot rightfully classify things to be over when they are bound to get started. But unlike other aspects of gambling, betting cannot be opened without acknowledging the tips that bring the game together. So to help you make the most of the process, here are a few bowl betting tips.

The Need for Data

Placing bets on a random basis is bound to lead you in the wrong direction because it is a method employed by individuals who do not have data. Yes, that’s right, without accurate data and a proper understanding of the game, you cannot go ahead to place bets, and doing so will be a bad move. So to avoid the same, you should be patient and explore the many opportunities that are put forward. You need to use these opportunities and understand the game in a unique manner.


The Odds

Sportsbooks displaying odds has been a significant move that bettors tend to look into the moment it has been released. As these odds are closely associated with teams and their performance, you need to consider the same before placing anything on the table. Understanding these numbers and the impact that it stands to create are essential aspects that tend to go a long way. So one cannot disregard these odds by classifying them to be invalid. Instead, you need to gain a lot from it.

The Public Perception

Tracking down the market and decoding line movements has been an exciting move to get things going. While it may always lead to people standing with favourites, there are times when things head in a different direction. Due to all that, you need to sit back and look into these results as they try to project an image of what might happen. Since we require an accurate understanding of the game before stepping forward to place bets, it is vital that you learn things from such methods.

The Importance of Consistency

The Importance of Consistency

Unpredictable situations are bound to occur here and there, but consistency grabs headlines for the bigger part of the picture. As a result, looking for consistency in teams and, moreover, on the players will give you an idea of how the game might end up. Since consistency has always been an essential aspect in the gaming format, one needs to ensure that they are well on schedule to tap into the results of the same. So look for consistency and performance.

Understanding these tips and going forward to place bets cautiously are two aspects that will hit you with results.

Video Games

Easy Tips to Make Money by Betting On Video Games

Video game betting has helped players enter a new market where platforms allow you to place bets on the best games. From Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to League of Legends, there are a lot of options when it comes to betting. But if you are not aware of how to get started, things might not head in the right direction. So to help you make it count, we have come forward with a few tips to make money by betting on video games.

Explore the Game

Explore the Game

One of the biggest and the most straightforward tips that anyone can give you on this front is the need to explore the game. Just like how one explores casino games before playing them, you need to explore the video game before placing money on the same. You should understand the different features, gaming options, and various other aspects that drive the game forward. In this manner, you will be well equipped to place bets and take things on a path that matters the most.

Bankroll Management

When it comes to betting, nobody steps into the process without forming a budget or following the right form of bankroll management. From casino gambling to sports betting, bankroll management plays a huge role, and we all need to understand the impact of the same. So be a good kid and look into your financial statement to discover an amount that can be spent on sports betting. Since finances are essential and you cannot go about spending them as you feel like, it is good to let bankroll management play the lead.

Observe and Learn

Observing the process before going ahead to gamble is a simple technique that many tend to follow. While you may not get a lot of opportunities to do so, you need to make the most of it whenever you get an opportunity. By observing, you can understand more about the process and how players tend to carry it forward. But in case you cannot observe and learn, then go ahead and ask questions to players who are experienced in the format. In this manner, you are bound to have something to start with.


Practice sessions are always worth it as they help you get a grip on things in a unique manner. Unlike observing, practicing brings forward the practical aspect of the process and allows players to learn. Due to that, you need to implement moves that matter and take charge when the time is right. Since it all comes down to benefits, you should not even think about skipping any of these moves. Hence, consider them and go ahead to have a good time by betting on video games.

Bet On

Best Video Games to Bet On

Gambling has managed to enter numerous platforms where people can place bets on the expectations that they have in mind. As a result, video game betting has turned into a phenomenon, and everyone seems to be making the most of the same. But there are people who have no clue about the process and yet want to try their hand at it. Since there are several games on the market, you might take time choosing the best from the lot. So to help you out on this matter, here are the best video games to bet on.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike Global Offensive

Counter-Strike does not require an introduction because it has always made it a point to surprise fans and let the world know about how big a deal it is. The different features and other credible options that it boosts takes things to a whole different level, and keeping yourself updated with the many versions that it launches has turned into a trend. Moreover, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is also a popular game in eSports, and thus betting had to come sooner or later.

League of Legends

League of Legends might not withstand a comparison with Counter-Strike, but it surely comes second. The successful game has always been a part of the gaming industry by attracting players from around the world. As a result, gambling platforms promote betting on the same, and you can carry it forward by heading over to the platform that counts. Be it Karamba or Bet365; there are a number of platforms that promote the idea of video game betting. So go ahead and find the right one.

Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege

Multiple seasons and gaming features that keep you hooked to the screen is the perfect description for Rainbow Six Siege. As a popular game, it has managed to shape the platform and help people get access to a range of features and options. Due to all that, betting was not far behind, and top platforms like Betway promote the same. So you will not have to go all around with the hope of finding a platform since famous games have already been locked and loaded.


With a few changes, Overwatch managed to change things at eSports, and everyone loves what they see. The different stages and other exciting factors have taken this game forward and into the betting arena, as players can’t seem to be getting enough of it. Thanks to that, anyone can place bets on Overwatch by opting to do the same on platforms like Bet365. So explore the game, look into the betting formalities, and go ahead to place bets on the best games on the market.

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